So We Lost Paradise: Selected Poems

So We Lost Paradise by Juan Cameronby Jaun Cameron
With translations by Cola Franzen, Steven F. White, and Roger Hickin
Cold Hub Press, 2013

Jaun Cameron was born in Valparaíso in 1947. For many years, his poems reflected the realities of living under a dictatorship and then in exile. Members of his own generation were just commencing their literary careers when the Pinochet dictatorship began. To circumvent draconian censorship laws that forbade any criticism of the regime, these writers resorted to a coded language. Not belonging to any official group, Cameron could not earn a living, and after some years of struggle, he emigrated to Sweden, where he remained for ten years. He is now back in Valparaíso with his wife, graphic artist Virginia Vizcaino. Apart from three chapbooks translated by Cola Franzen, So We Lost Paradise is the first selection of Cameron’s poetry to appear in English.

Cola Franzen is an American writer and translator who has published fifteen books of translations. In 2000 her translations of Jorge Guillen’s poetry, Horses in the Air and other poems, won the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award from the Academy of American Poets.

Steven F. White has translated and edited many volumes of Spanish poetry. His translation with Greg Simon of Lorca’s Poet in New York was widely acclaimed.

Roger Hickin is a New Zealand poet and visual artist, and editor of Cold Hub Press.