Forms of Feeling

by John Morgan
Salmon Poetry

In Forms of Feeling: Poetry in Our Lives, John Morgan investigates the role of poetry in the contemporary world, including where poems come from, what the audience for poetry is, and the ways in which poetry can offer a spiritual path in a secular time. He  also discusses a variety of approaches to writing poems, and spells out the importance of place in a poet’s work, focusing on his experiences in moving from New York to Alaska.  At the same time, the book explores one poet’s development from a raw beginner to a widely recognized teacher and practitioner of the craft. (Publisher’s description)

John Morgan was born in New York City, and currently splits his time between Fairbanks, Alaska and Bellingham, Washington. He is a winner of the Hatch Prize for Lyric Poetry, and an MFA holder from the University of Iowa. His works include The Bone Duster (1980), The Arctic Herd (1984),  Walking Past Midnight (1989), and several chapbooks. Two of the poems in Forms of Feeling originally appeared in the MĀNOA Journal. Forms of Feeling contains not only poems, but essays and interviews from the author, and is aimed at any reader with an interest in poetry.