The Moving Out: Collected Early Poems

themovingout-collectedearlypoemsby John Morgan
Salmon Poetry, 2019

The Moving Out: Collected Early Poems consists of the poems from John Morgan’s first three books. The works range from short lyrics to longer narratives and explore themes of history, family, and the arts. One ten-part poem recounts Morgan’s experiences in an Eskimo village at the tip of the Seward peninsula from which one can see across to Russia. The book ends with the moving sequence “Spells and Auguries,” which deals with his son Ben’s near-fatal coma due to encephalitis and the long-term consequences of that illness. (Adapted from Annie Dillard’s review of the book)

John Morgan studied at Harvard, where he won the Hatch Prize for Lyric Poetry. At the Iowa Writers’ Workshop he earned his MFA and was awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize. In 1976, he moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, to direct the creative writing program at the University of Alaska. Morgan’s poems have appeared in ManoaThe New Yorker, Poetry, The American Poetry Review, and many other magazines and anthologies. He recently won the Discovery Award of the New York Poetry Center, as well as first prize in the Carolina Quarterly Poetry Contest. (Adapted from publisher’s description)