Love by Drowning

love_by_drowning1by C.E. Poverman
El León Literary Arts, 2013

In their last moments together, Lee Anne, as an act of revenge, gives Val a picture of his brother, Davis, who just several months before has been killed in an accident. Lee Anne will tell Val nothing about the photo, but for seventeen years she has sent him cryptic messages on unsigned postcards. And for seventeen years Val has dared not reply. Now, he is on his way back to see her, even as he fears it may cost him everything.

C. E. Poverman’s first book of stories, The Black Velvet Girl, won the Iowa School of Letters Award for Short Fiction. His second, Skin, was nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. His stories have appeared in the O’Henry, Pushcart, and other anthologies. His previous novels are Susan, Solomon’s Daughter, My Father in Dreams, and On the Edge.