Verge 2012, Inverse

Verge 2012Edited by Samantha Clifford & Rosalind McFarlane
Monash University Publishing

Verge, started in 2005, is Monash University’s annual anthology of creative writing. It features work from Monash University’s writers and poets alongside works from some of Australia’s notable writers. Edited by Samantha Clifford and Rosalind McFarlane, this year’s edition of Verge is concerned with boundaries and writing against and beyond them. Writers for this issue were asked to consider the idea of “inverse” in their work. (adapted form back cover)

Two women cloaked in black burkas superimposed over a collage of yellow carnations is the first image that appears in this issue. Created by Stephanie Yap,  the geometric lines, as they clash with the curved lines of the women’s figures, create an illusion of depth. The final image in the issue is an abstract painting by Jenny Luong, titled “Inverse.” Both pieces highlight the notion that between one thing and its inverse exists a boundary that is as concrete as it is permeable.

The poems and prose in the issue expand on this notion. In the middle of the issue is a short comic by “Rouge et Noir” by Bruce Mutard. The story Mutard tells is of racial conflict amongst military men and gender roles in the public sphere and how these conflicts manifest themselves during a night out on the town.